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Downtown Athens has unique meaning and relevance to all who come into contact with this vibrant, cultural place.  Although overwhelmingly populated by collegiate-minded individuals, this town belongs to all who have come to call Athens home for any amount of time.  As I cover this beat, I aim to keep all aspects of the native Athens demographic in mind by providing information that I believe a significant amount of Classic City dwellers will find useful and interesting; however, I will strive to be certain that reaching a broad audience does not dilute content or eliminate detail.  Ideally, I would like to focus on Athens from a local news and events standpoint, including factors such as dates and times, in depth contributions from involved personalities, and specific significance to Athens as a town.  I also hope to participate in all if not most of the news and events that I cover in order to contribute an after-the-fact account of how the event transpired to compliment the prelude information of the storys’ development.  I imagine that these events will pertain to going ons such as music and art festivals, races, business functions, public exhibitions, or fundraisers.  There are of course numerous sources to be found under the umbrella of this beat and I hope to connect with multiple over the course of the semester, specifically event coordinators, local business owners, and well-informed students.  Although I will maintain objectivity, I am encouraged by a backburner personal goal to reliably inform the Athens population in such a way that they will feel more knowledgable about their community and consequently more apt to become involved in their own way so that our town can continue to be molded and thrive.


About unagringaenba

I'm Heather. I'm twenty-one years young and, quite alarmingly enough, in my senior year of college at the University of Georgia. I ruminate in the realms of Journalism, Spanish, and French, amidst a myriad of other passions. I've chosen to sacrifice a hallowed football season to study abroad in the stellar country of Argentina for a semester. This is my modest blog in which I aim to share, expect to muse, guarantee to ramble, and hope to inspire. Go Dawgs, God Bless America, and Viva la Argentina.

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  1. This is a great mission statement, Heather. What you need to do now is start focusing in on likely targets for events and what makes them good subjects for stories: Do they involve Athenians and create community? Do they promote a certain lifestyle like being able to finish a half marathon? Do they bring crowds who will spend money in the community? Which goals ARE being met; which ones NEED to be met?

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