A Community For Us-A Community By Us

I am working on the education in Athens beat. At first, I planned to focus on budgets and policies in the public school system and how they affected the students. Then, I thought about the story the community wanted to read, the story the community needed to read. I then decided that my beat would be narrowed down to the interdependent relationship of the two levels of education in Athens-Clarke County.

I want to focus on the interaction of University of Georgia students and Athens-Clarke County students and schools. With a focus still on the issues of the education system, I want to explore some of the solutions that UGA helps solve and other solutions that UGA can certainly help solve, but failed to do so as of now. I want to zoom in on the huge dark area of disregard that forms a disconnect between UGA and the community, while profiling the individuals that are trying to fill the void with service.

Knowing that the University of Georgia is the center of Athens and Athenian pride, I want to write stories about how the Athens community can be a piece of UGA students’ pride also. I plan to talk with Whatever it Takes@UGA, UGA Service Ambassadors, students in the College of Education who student-teach, and also Anisa Jimenez, to help me see some of the many opportunities for UGA students to volunteer.  I also plan to talk to specific teachers at local schools who reach out to University students for help, as Fowler Drive Elementary School recently did to begin their Fine Arts program.

My beat should be a source of information for community readers and a call for help to anyone interested in strengthening the Athens-Clarke County school system. I definitely want to reach the student population, so that they can sense the community’s need for their help.


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  1. As I mentioned this morning, the interesting thing is the deep disconnect between the community and the university, both in terms of the schools but also in general. It’s striking to me that there’s virtually no visible university presence north of Broad St, for example. But it’s certainly time to take a look at how the “professional development” partnership between the Clarke County schools and the College of Education is doing. I would tend to steer clear of one-off volunteer opportunities for students, which are nice but don’t usually have significant, lasting benefits. Does that make sense? Anisa is a great place to start, you should definitely do that bus tour, and let’s sit down and I’ll give you some other contacts.

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