Getting some flesh

Namali Premawardhana

There’s a heap of us out here on the UGA campus that know Athens is a great place for music. There’s also a heap of us who know nothing more about it. I want to write for these people about music in Athens. I want to write for those who say: there’s a million and one places to go if you want to get information on what’s happening, when, but where do you go when you want to know what to think?

I want my beat to be informative at a critical/philosophical level, a beat that answers questions about music, musicians and the industry in their relationship with the larger community it exists within. I want my beat to be a place people like myself go to get not just information, but a good taste of the ideas that are floating around, so that they can formulate/establish/change their own.

David Barbe seems like a great place to start, and I’m also thinking of looking up Seth Hendershot (the guy who owns Hendershot’s Coffee Bar) and Bob Sleppy (Executive Director and Nuci’s Space – a really cool resource for musicians in Athens). But these are all big names, and honestly, I’m guessing the bartenders at places like Hendershots will be just as great a place to start.

Everybody likes some good music, and a lot of us need help formulating informed opinions. Athens seems the best place to ask my questions.




  1. Not a question but some direction. This is a good “statement of purpose,” so to speak, but remember, we’re not doing criticism and really not much philosophy here. (Not that I mind philosophy; I read it as an undergrad, but there’s a time and place.) What I want you to do is find the stories of everyday people–the new conditions that are affecting them, the challenges they’ve surpassed, their responses to a fast-changing world. Tell those stories and help us learn lessons.

    • namalidep

      Thanks Prof.! This is exactly what I meant, you just knew how to say it haha. I don’t want to write about who’s doing what, but why people are doing what they’re doing – what they believe in. Does that make sense? Writing this out today REALLY helped get my thoughts together. Thanks again!

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