McCauley Williams Beat Progress

Because health and wellness is such a broad topic, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what specifically interests me. What I’ve decided to cover is health and wellness in college. Specifically in college women. In my mind, health and wellness goes beyond simply what we put into our mouths or the distance we are able to run in a given week. Health and wellness implicitly includes mental, social, spiritual and emotional health as well. Yes, I’ll cover exercise and diet, but I want to also include the exploration of the aforementioned areas of health and wellness.

I think what may make my topic unique is the angle I’ll be taking. Living well requires so much more than diet and exercise, but I haven’t found blogs or reports that cover wellness as whole–especially with a focus on the college population. It’s important to view exercise and diet as simply on aspect of living a healthy life. Discussing the impact of overall wellness on the college experience will, hopefully, interest others on campus. If I do it well, it might be something I continue outside this class.

I am my target audience, and I live an an environment that I think will be extremely conducive to following this beat. There’s a readily available pool of potential readers in Athens, I just think it’ll be figuring out exactly what excites them and chasing that down.

As far as wellness goes, I need to contact Angie Ruhlen and Liz Prince, who both work in the Health Promotions department at the University Health Center. Liz focuses on health/health counseling and wellness as a whole; Angie is a nutrition counseling coordinator, and I think her insight might help me flesh out the impact of wellness on nutrition and vice verse.


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  1. Reflecting on our conversation this morning, McCauley, it might be helpful just to think of your focus as stress. Proactive things to manage stress (exercise, contemplation, organization), ways to deal with negative outcomes from stress (tension, disordered eating, getting overwhelmed, etc.) The folks you mention can probably help you think more specifically toward story ideas and so forth. Does that seem useful?

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