Donor gives $100,000 to Athens educational program


This article is by Lee Shearer, an education reporter of the Athens Banner-Herald. Shearer reports on a $100,000 donation that was given to Clarke County School District by an anonymous donor. The donor provided the money in hope to expand the work of community organizations that focus on bettering the education and well-being of Clarke County School District students. A specific organization that will receive some of the money is Whatever It Takes, an organization that tutors and promotes fun learning environments for elementary aged kids in one of the 14 zones of Clarke County Schools. The donor of the $100,000 hopes that the money will allow WIT to expand to more areas throughout the district. The donation will also be used to increase the technology available to the students and their families.

This article is important because it speaks to the progress that the school system is undergoing. The community will read this, parents will read this, and hopefully UGA students and staff will read this. In its entirety, the article should provide insight on the generosity of a donor who desired to remain nameless, and it should encourage others to engage in similar altruistic acts. Such articles will show the help that the county schools need, explain why they need such help, and inevitably show how such help can be offered. 


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  1. namalidep

    Wow! Almost unbelievable. Profile!!! If you can track them down that is 🙂

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