High School Boys Gymnastics Disappearing


In this article, Judy Wakefield discusses how the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s Board of Directors has decided to get rid of boys gymnastics as an official MIAA sport, and therefore, will be eliminated from seven high schools in the area.  The article talks about how male gymnasts will have to resort to either the girl’s gymnastics teams at their schools or join outside gyms.  This is important because if high school aged male gymnasts can’t compete within their schools, less people will do the sport and get involved.  This will affect male collegiate gymnastics as well, because there will be less recruits than normal if boys don’t get involved in the sport.

This article is mainly targeted towards high school male gymnasts in the area who are being affected by this change.  However, this is a message to all male gymnasts that the sport is slowing declining and an organization such as MIAA getting rid of the sport just emphasizes this.  A local take on this would be to talk about the lack of high school gymnastics for males in Athens Clarke high schools and that there is no gymnastics team for males at the University of Georgia.


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