This is a fairly simple story but it captivated me significantly because of all those simple elements that highlight the bigger picture.  I think it’s simple and refreshing that the reporter set out to investigate something that came about visually, to solve the mystery of why the mums continued to appear throughout the downtown Athens area.  Unlike many campaigns that employ the technique of spreading a visual symbol and intentionally withholding the meaning for a while in order to instill curiosity and therefore awareness, this artist, Lou Kregel, was only out to beautify this town and instigate feelings of creativity and happiness.  Although the mums may not appeal to everyone and obviously don’t, I believe this message can apply to everyone- add color and interest where color and interest are under-appreciated.  I also appreciate how very local this story is, being that my beat is very locally-oriented.  The artist is local, the work is local, the affect is local.  It is a very small-town story, but the mums will be seen by everyone who comes through Athens- many of which are not local.  Some of them will not think twice, others will wonder why the mums are there.  Even if they never discover the meaning behind them, the affect is the same- they take a second look at a dirty roof, or a bland wall, and appreciate it’s beauty.  This is a very specific story and I cannot hope that simliar events may happen during the span of this semester and this lab, but this event inspired my desire to cover downtown Athens and discover the little things going on behind the scenes, or in this case out in the open, that are being done by locals with a passion for their town.


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I'm Heather. I'm twenty-one years young and, quite alarmingly enough, in my senior year of college at the University of Georgia. I ruminate in the realms of Journalism, Spanish, and French, amidst a myriad of other passions. I've chosen to sacrifice a hallowed football season to study abroad in the stellar country of Argentina for a semester. This is my modest blog in which I aim to share, expect to muse, guarantee to ramble, and hope to inspire. Go Dawgs, God Bless America, and Viva la Argentina.

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