Retail and Residential Complex Planned for Downtown Athens

This article works as a fairly straightforward update on downtown development as it discusses plans to build a retail and residential complex in the current surface parking lot behind Suntrust (touching Clayton, Broad and Hull Streets). Partially located in the downtown historic district, the project will need approval from the city’s  Historic Preservation Commission before construction can take place. The building’s design is intended to follow a “stepdown” pattern in scale with the adjacent structures that will fit appropriately with the downtown grid.

New developments, especially in the downtown area, are always intriguing to a reader. Although the article did not hit on any major controversy, it did nod towards a possible issue involving city planning that may lead to more information or future news updates. It will be interesting to track the progress of this project and see how the town and government treats the new development. Will there be a push for the expansion or a backlash depending on the group? For downtown goers, fellow store-owners or just local residents looking for more retail shops or living spaces, the article sparks an interest because of the popular area it describes (intersection of Clayton, Broad, and Hull) and the impact the future businesses may have on the city’s economy.


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