My Beat (Jan 23rd)

Athens is not an exceptionally large town, however, it is somewhat of a mystery to me. Attending the university here has to some extent kept me in an academic and social bubble that has left me without a basic familiarity of the town itself.  By taking politics and education, I intend to shape this beat as a learning tool for both myself and the community I am covering. I would like to gain a journalistic perspective on the daily workings of the local government while focusing on how local politicians deal with crime, downtown development and regulation, education improvements (or problems) and local ordinance. Specifically, I would like see how the city government deals with the influx of students in relation to the local community. Downtown Athens and the neighboring areas are constantly going through developments that are geared towards incoming students. My beat could focus on how the government reacts to the growing student population and how it deals with any backlash from the local Athens people. Talking to city developers and politicians that work in this area can provide me with a handle on how this issue affects the town and the school. Ideally, my beat will give me a better understanding of how the city is built and how it is shaped by the local government


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