Do Multivitamins Have As Much Purpose As We Give Them?

With Benefits Unproven, Why Do Millions of Americans Take Multivitamins?

This article talks about how many billions of dollars per year (around 30) is spent on multivitamins that may or may not have scientifically-proven results. So many Americans buy multivitamins in an effort replace dietary needs or add to their diet. The question of whether or not they are consistently accurate and helpful is up in the air. There is definitely proof that people who take them say they have healthier lifestyles – but is it because they have always been health-conscious? Are they more inclined to have an exercise routine and healthy eating lifestyle? 

This article got me thinking in a different way. I feel like I have focused much of my attention towards simple, non news-worthy type of topics. This type up article, however, gave me more interest in another view of my beat. I think this allowed me to understand the News Analysis Story a little better. I know that the article I chose for this blog review did not need to be news-based necessarily, but I chose it because it was different. And I like it.


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