Vinyl Climbing!

We all know vintage is cool, but we all tend to think we’re the only ones on this planet who know vintage is cool. Paul Resnikoff writes in this article that a lot of people are discovering that vinyl records are cooler than CDs.

Vinyl record sales have shot up dramatically in the last three or four years, and not simply because they are fashionable. The beautiful yet incredibly inconvenient medium provides the kind of sonic quality that the convenience of a digital disc cannot write off, Marco Della Cava writes for USA Today. The drop in CD sales is proof of this.

Cava’s piece is informative as well as interesting. He does a rough history of vinyl record sales while he discusses trends with new manufacturers. Cava also talks to Athens’ own Dave Schools from Widespread Panic about the band’s history with and worship of the vinyl.

The article thus appeals to a wide audience including experts in the area as well as those who simply have a surface-level interest. Cava’s style is flowing and conversational, making for a good read either way.

Andre Gallant has a similar article in the Athens Banner-Herald, but with a focus on Athens. He has some numbers thrown in for variation and a range of opinions on the phenomenon from those in the vinyl industry here in town.

He doesn’t go very deep though, unlike Cava, and one wonders if – Athens being slightly quirky on the music front – our town might in fact have a different story to tell from the rest of the nation.


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