Charmoli – Nut Grafs

The story that I chose to use its nut graf was about the ex-mayor of San Diego and her $1 billion gambling spree financed by her husband’s charity written by Jennifer Medina of The New York Times.

“Maureen O’Connor, 66, blamed an addiction aggravated by a brain tumor for a gargantuan spree that she financed in part by taking from her husband’s charity.”

I really thought this nut graf was interesting for a lot of reasons.  The first being the use of the verb “blame.”  This kind of sets the tone for the entire story about how blaming a tumor as the reason she stoles her husband’s charity’s money to finance her gambling is a bit of a stretch.  I also like the part where it says “addiction aggravated by” because it implies that O’Connor has a gambling problem despite her having a brain tumor.  It’s saying in less words “she has the addiction, but the tumor potentially made it a little worse.” This phrase following the verb blame really sets the tone that there is more to the story and not a sympathy piece about O’Connor having a brain tumor.  The final reason this nut graf really stood out to me is because in that brief sentence a picture is painted for the reader and they know what the story they’re about to read is about.  It also grabs my attention. I just like it and it made me read the story and know more.  The story sounds interesting and I want to know more about this lady spending $1 billion dollars out of a charity to gamble just from this short sentence.

Click here if you think this story sounds as cool as I did


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