Favorite nut graf (Miranda)


I read this article (well, it’s on Noisey/Vice, so really, it’s more like an irate blog post) a few weeks back and agreed wholeheartedly with the whole premise: a sizeable number of men are very, very not okay with women legitimately taking the same level of fandom to rap music as they do out of genuine interest and not as a way to pick up men. The nut graf is below:

Of course, rap in general is and always has been characterized and dominated by masculine ideals, and as with any Boys’ Club, being a female rap diehard means being repeatedly affronted as to whether your interest can possibly be serious and, if so, what are the ulterior motives behind your interest (namely, it seems, to get boys to think you’re cool). The amount of times I’ve been challenged by men who can’t wrap their feeble minds around the fact that, yes, I actually listen to Gunplay and can probably school their ass on #DeepGunplayMixtapeCuts continues to amaze me. Worse than incredulity, though, is the patronizing pat on the back for somehow overcoming my tragic vaginal handicap that prevents women from hearing music in the same way that men do—”Aw, you like Flocka, that’s so cute!” or, “Wow, you’re so different from other girls!” Really? How often do you speak to girls?

Nailed it. Nailed it.  I started following that journalist because of this article. I’m always interested in gender issues in almost any context, but especially in the subcultures I consider myself a part of, like rap music. I can’t really say this is the strongest “article” per se (as evidenced by the inclusion of a hashtag as part of the narrative), but that graf made it resonate with my journalist side.


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