Nut Graf that Solves Problems

Everyone knows those articles that irk your nerves. You try to glance at the article, but you are lost because the headline says one things, the picture shows another thing, and the lead doesn’t seem like it’s heading in any specific direction. That is what this NYTs article did for me. The title was “Injury Raises Questions About Insurance for College Stars.” The picture was an image of Kentucky basketball star Nerlens Noel holding his knee in his Tuesday night game. On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, the results were released that his ACL was severed.

This article was published on Thursday, February 14, 2013. Looking at the picture, and knowing the fact that Noel was a projected no. 1 pick for the NBA draft this summer, I expected the article to be about him. But, the headline confused me. When I bean reading the article, it confused me more. It wasn’t until I got to the paragraph below that my mind was clear.

And that has led some to take a critical look at the N.C.A.A.’s policy toward athletes who seek insurance against serious injuries, especially those players who are projected to be high selections in professional drafts.”

I finally knew what the piece was about. The article is about how the NCAA is reworking their insurance policy and regulations for career-ending injuries that are becoming coming in college sports. The writer of this article simply used Noel, the latest college case of a possible career-ending injury, to make his point. This nut graf cleared up four major questions. Who are we even talking about here? We’re talking about the NCAA. What are we talking about? We’re talking about the NCAA critiquing and revising their current insurance regulations for athletes. Why are we talking about it? They’re talking about it because the insurance regulations greatly affect valued players’ high chances of being early first round picks in their sports. How is this relevant? It’s relevant because the projected no.1 pick of college basketball who attends one of the top schools for basketball just tore his ACL.

When a nut graf clears up so many questions, I can actually turn to a friend and tell them something new.

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