Nut Graph: Obama vs. Bush anti-terrorism arguments-Chris Freiberg

This article discusses recent arguments surrounding the Obama administration’s drone program in relation to The Bush administration’s  torture program. It brings up different angles of validity for each program from political, philosophical and journalistic viewpoints and how each administration has used legislative technicalities in their own way to back-up their policies. At the heart of the story, lies the issue of how the press has chosen to cover Obama’s program and how that perspective as a reflection of political party may warp the arguments. Here is what I believe the nut graph is:

“Several people have argued that partisanship, not principle, is the only reason that members of the mainstream press haven’t treated the disclosure of a Justice Department white paper on the targeted killing of Americans, obtained by NBC, with the same outrage as it did the torture memos.”

This sentence comes in the third paragraph and holds the writer’s main point: a factor that lies behind in the Obama vs. Bush anti-terrorism debate is how party loyalty affects public discussion. The nut graph indicates this by bringing up the media’s questionable reporting strategies and what this says about political discourse.


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