Best/Worst Ledes

5 Stories from Source List: Best and Worst Ledes

1. Clarke County School District; via homepage news column

  • Lede: Clarke Central High School’s 19-member Mock Trial Team was recently named regional champions at the recent competition at the University of Georgia Law School. The former national championship team is preparing for their 14th trip to the Georgia High School Mock Trial Competition.

2. Anisa Jimenez; via her ABH column

3. Rebecca McCarthy; via her twitter

  • Lede:Clarke Central High School Principal Robbie Hooker has been named Georgia Principal of the Year by the Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals.

Worst Lede: I selected the Athens Patch lede on Hooker as the worst lede because it does not intrigue me as the reader. The lede itself sounds like a tweet—one in which from just that sentence the news is received. There seems to be nothing important left to know. Therefore, I do not want to read any futher. The lede is a news lede that gives the most important fact too fast.

4. Andy Smarick’s article; via educational policy analist Andrew Rotherham’s twitter

  • Lede: A new report on state-level implementation of Common Core merits some attention—but less for its top-line findings and more for how it confirms what I’m now calling the “Common Core Implementation Gap.”

5. Ellen Galinsky’s article; via Early EdWatch journalist Lisa Guernsey’s twiiter

  • Lede: I never, ever thought I would hear a president of the United States, much less a president in the State of the Union address, call for universal preschool. But two nights ago, I listened to President Obama do just this:

Best Lede: I selected the huffington post lede by Galinsky as the best because it pulled me in the strongest. The manner in which she used first person was rhetorical and made me understand why she found this news interesting. This resulted in me personally finding the news interesting. Moreover, she does not give away too much important news, so I want to read on to see what is to come.


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