Best and worst ledes (Miranda)

The worst lede goes to this article on the NYT’s Well blog. It’s compelling story about a cancer doctor who gets cancer herself, but I felt like the kicker of the story could have been introduced in the lede instead of waiting for a graf or two.

During a talk last spring in San Francisco, Dr. Susan Love, the well-known breast cancer book author and patient advocate, chided the research establishment for ignoring the needs of people with cancer. “The only difference between a researcher and a patient is a diagnosis,” she told the crowd. “We’re all patients.”

Meanwhile, the best lede I found was actually two sentences. I know ledes are only supposedl to be one, but I really liked this one; it was a thought that needed to be spread into two independent clauses in order to have the same punch.

When Kyle Potvin learned she had breast cancer at the age of 41, she tracked the details of her illness and treatment in a journal. But when it came to grappling with issues of mortality, fear and hope, she found that her best outlet was poetry.


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