Good and Bad Ledes

Good Lede

“When Danny Kirschner found himself with four extra tickets hours before a sold-out Avett Brothers concert in Athens last year, he thought selling them would be easy.”


Bad Lede

“Can startups be built anywhere in the United States? That’s a question the Wall Street Journal Accelerator’s blog and the Huffington Post have recently asked. Between those two widely read publications and last weeks The Startup Conference, the answer is a resounding “Yes”. Just to reiterate that though, Atlanta’s startup community came out in full force Monday night to tell their stories in a “Startup Georgia Parade”.

There was no confetti, or marching bands, but the grand marshall, Scott Case (CEO of Startup America and founding CTO of was in his trademark red, white and blue Chuck Taylors.”

Although it is short, I really liked the first lede from the Athens Banner-Herald because it immediately starts out in the middle of the situation that the person being profiled was in. It presents a problem that a lot of people can identify with. It also teases the reader by not revealing all of the information.

The second lede seemed a little sloppy. The first couple sentences present the story in a long, round about kind of way that is confusing to read. The writer even has to reiterate his point in the last sentence of the first paragraph. I wanted to include the second paragraph because it had information that might work better for a lede than the first paragraph. It gives some insight into the event by describing the little details the writer noticed, which I think might have been more exciting to start with.


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