Good/Bad Ledes (Halsey)

Good Lede:

“A simple way to lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes is to stand up and walk every 20 minutes, according to a new study in the Journal of Applied Physiology.”

Bad Lede: 

“In recent years, many barefoot running enthusiasts have been saying that to reduce impact forces and injury risk, runners should land near the balls of their feet, not on their heels, a running style that has been thought to mimic that of our barefoot forebears and therefore represent the most natural way to run. But a new study of barefoot tribespeople in Kenya upends those ideas and, together with several other new running-related experiments, raises tantalizing questions about just how humans really are meant to move.”


I picked these two articles because both of them are interesting topics centered on the idea of improving your health by changing your posture or exercising patterns. I think the first article has a good lede because it is short and sweet, but gets to the point. The author makes it very easy for me to understand what the article is about. Although the first article’s lede may seem basic, I think it is more effective than the second article’s lede. The second article is definitely an interesting idea, but I get lost in the first paragraph. It takes me more time to understand where the author is going, which discourages me from getting into the article. 


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