Charmoli Infographic



The infographic I chose is from the New York Times about the Olympics.  When I pulled it up, I thought it was cool because A) I’m obsessed with the Olympics and B) because it was so reader/viewer friendly.  The continents are all different colors so it’s easy to tell which continents did the best as a whole in terms of winning medals.  It’s also very easy to tell which countries did the best individually.  The bigger the country’s circle, the more medals they won in the Olympics (Go USA!).  And it just looks cool.


The more I played with the infographic, the more I liked it.  First thing I noticed when I started playing around was that when you scroll over a country, it shows you the exact medal count and divides up how many gold, silver and bronze medals the country earned (see below).  This is helpful because some of the circles are so close in size that you might not be able to tell who did better.  For instance, China and the USA are similar in size, but if you scroll over both you’ll see that USA had 104 medals and China only had 88.



The other cool thing I found was you can go back to past Olympics and see the results.  See that timeline at the top of the screenshot? Just click whatever year you want to see and it will change the map to fit those results and tell you where the games were played.  This was fascinating to me not just because you could see past results, but you could really see how the world has changed since the Olympics started.  For example, the infographic on the left shows the first results that are recorded here and it looks like barely any countries competed compared to now.  The one on the right is interesting to me because you can see what used to be the Soviet Union and East and West Germany.  This not only shows the results, but how the world has changed.



To sum it all up, I loved this infographic for five of reasons: 1) It was really easy to use. 2) It was visually appealing. 3) The information provided was clear. 4) There’s a ton of information packed into a simple, user-friendly graphic. 5) I love the Olympics.


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