Critiquing Multimedia Pieces

EdWeek used this infographic to show how the education industry funds election campaigns and lobbying activities. The infographic specifically highlights the education industry’s disproportional level of spendings on campaigning versus lobbying efforts. I find this helpful because many times bigger numbers are harder to compare because they are ignored as unfathomable large amounts. However, the color and scale on this graphic allow the numbers to be fairly and accurately compared. This allows the author to get portray the news without many words, which ultimately saves the author time to analyze the facts the graph reveals. Thus, I would have to say that this is an appropriate and purposeful infographic.

This story is good enough. The video only makes it better. When Professor Johnson spoke about video shots bringing a story to life and each small sect deliberately forming a piece of a whole, I wondered how this could be effectively done. But, this video shows the end result he was referring to. The video starts with several cover photos that give a sense of the image. The images capture telling moments, and then the video clips capture the plot. The audio that is included in the video also adds a realistic feel to the story, making the reader visualize the setting even more. 


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