Blog Post Five: Infographic (College Budget)

I like this infographic for a number of reasons. It’s attractive and informative. More importantly, it treats a frivolous topic  with quantitative objectivity. Most take it for granted that college students are strapped for cash, but this demonstrates that undergraduates might do more discretionary spending than commonly believed. It quantifies a lot of common assumptions one could make simply from being a college student – that about half of us have a part time job for about 15 hours per week, that tuition is rising substantially, etc. It makes a lot of information digestible in a small space.

One gripe is that although it cites its sources, it doesn’t go into detail on how each of those sources were incorporated into the graphic. It does net out the Yale survey in particular, which is important because I imagine an Ivy League school would be a biased sample weighted towards higher incomes.



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