My Dream Job

If I had to choose a news outlet that I really wanted to work for, it would be This organization provides information, analysis, and updates on the issues and progress of grade school American education.

The writing is clear and trustworthy, with several people who can now be considered policy experts writing articles. Also, the organization does a fine job of including interactive graphs and studies. I, even as a high schooler, looked at their site. Therefore, I would have to believe they have a really broad audience. That is the kind of audience I want to write for.

I want to write for the people who need help understanding any concept regarding American education, and those who are familiar with education policy and simply want trusted updates.

Also, because I am passionate about finding both flaws and potential in the education system, I think such an outlet would be a great place for me to enjoy the work I do. 


About scottbritt12

Learning about my passion for writing and spreading the love.

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