Busted Myths on Lifting Weights

Busted Myths on Lifting Weights


Gretchen Reynolds talks about the myths of lifting weights, the right way to do it, and the wrong way. She consults Dr. Stuart Phillips on who needs to lift weights and how to do it right.
I really enjoyed this multimedia piece. I actually was curious about the information – it made me want to know more. There were some things, however, that I think could be improved.

When the camera flips back to Reynolds, she is in a loud, outside, windy area. This creates a little bit of a break of flow for the audience. All of the sudden, the sound changes- its pretty distracting. A change of location would fix this.

Additionally, at around 3:32, there is a really weird camera angle. I get that they are trying to mix it up, but it is just really weird, and not flattering for anyone.

As a whole, though, I thought that this MultiMedia piece was pretty solid.


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