Foster infographic

Here is a link to my multimedia piece, with the relevant chart attached. Numbers are via It’s been done since Friday but I’ve been wrestling with the HTML, trying to get this to post as an interactive map, but to no avail. This is the next-best option.

The map deals with the number of players from each U.S. state playing for the 14 SEC football teams in 2012. Georgia led the way, by my unofficial tally, with 251 players on SEC rosters, ahead of Texas (192), Florida (186) and Alabama (150). Before last season, without Texas A&M and Missouri as league members, Texas would have fallen several spots.

For as dominant as the SEC has been in football over the past seven or eight years, its schools don’t recruit much outside of the league footprint. California, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois were the only states without an SEC school to send more than 10 players to the SEC.

Georgia, and especially the Atlanta area, is a central point for the SEC geographically and draws recruiters from across the country. As shown here, there are simply so many good players in the state for them all to play for UGA, or even Alabama or Auburn.


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  1. Impressive take on data. I definitely think this is worth playing with until you get the infographic exactly how you want it. Portfolio-worthy.

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